Art and the other part of life. To be or not to be: discipline, routine and devotion.





kasia b.turajczyk

The most important thing: devotion, discipline, and routine – to become a well-known artist. Or maybe an artist who will make enough money from selling her/his art every month and survive the harsh reality of our life. 

It is about working daily, making small steps to go where you want to be. The process is more important than the end achievement. Be active on social media regularly – it is also necessary, and it is not easy for me to be consequent in posting on Instagram, Facebook, X and all these other social media.  

The questions are, for me and a lot of other artists. 

  • What steps are necessary to become a well-known artist? 
  • How can one survive as an artist in the harsh reality of life? 
  • How can one stay consistent in posting on social media?
  • What steps are necessary to become a well-known artist? 

I am working on it; I will let you know. 

Today I did post a live on Instagram and Facebook; I am writing this blog post, my journal to become. 

And after hanging the wash, I will go to my studio and work. I am working on my new sets of paintings/illustrations from the Cats&Co. series. This one is about cats and China, the Chinese motives and myths and art. 

I will be adding more specific details and examples about the process of becoming a well-known artist. I will share personal experiences to provide insights into what worked for me. 

The first Cats&China painting is already done. 

“When pigs can fly.” 

When pigs can fly and cats dream
When Pigs can fly, and cats dream about it. Canvas grain, mixed media. 30 x 40 cm, GBP 450

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