Cosmic void, dark matter, black nothingness and my weird brain.

I used to think that I was my brain. But I am not my brain. My brain is sometimes an alien body in my body. It is a strange statement, but true.

Why do I spend hours thinking about the beginning of our Universe?

Humans cannot fathom the concept of something that has always been and will be.
We are searching for the beginning of our Universe, building and constructing theories, and analysing all the data. In the end, we will never be able to know everything.

I understand the concept of the Big Bang, black holes and cosmic dust. In general, our Universe was born somehow. But where did the space come from that the Universe was born in?

Where does the black matter come from? What is that? What created the dark matter? What about the cosmic void? What is this cosmic void? Where did all of that come from? What is behind all of that? Where did it all come from? Where did the black space or more correctly the black nothingness come from that the Universe was born in? How many more Universes are there?

Why am I thinking about all of this while enjoying my morning coffee and doing my morning writing? I don’t have a clue. Nobody can or will answer my questions, and I will expire without knowing everything I want to know. I Blame My Brain.


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